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    Traditional clothes
    of South Tyrol

    A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in southern Germany – especially Bavaria–, Austria and South Tyrol, based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. Dresses that are loosely based on the dirndl are known as Landhausmode ("country-inspired fashion").

    The dirndl originated as a more hardy form of the costume worn today; the uniform of Austrian servants in the 19th century (Dirndlgewand means "maid's dress"). Simple forms were also worn commonly by working women in plain colors or a simple check. The Austrian upper classes adopted the dirndl as high fashion in the 1870s. Today, dirndls vary from simple styles to exquisitely crafted, very expensive models.

    This year Hotel Serena present you with a new Dirndl Dresses Collection, to always keep you up-to-date in what the area of female traditional costumes has to offer. Our unique and handmade products with the latest fashion trends to suit more modern desires and aprons that can be paired together to create the perfect outfit for your specific tastes!

    We have designed a vibrant collection of South Tyrol dirndls that are inspired from the culturally rich South Tyrol. Our designers pay close attention to the fine intricacies that make up the South Tyrol costume, resulting in some of the most iconic dirndl dresses!