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    Hotel Serena - Alta Badia
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    The history of our hotel
    in Alta Badia

    At hotel Serena you experience the hospitality of a family run hotel in traditional Ladin style. An unforgettable dream holiday at Hotel Serena in Badia where you experience genuine hospitality and a warm atmosphere combined with a true love for tradition. Hotel Serena has been a favourite for many years for those with a passion for the mountains and Val Badia.

    From 1956 until now
    The first steps to realize a dream start here

    Hotel Serena has been owned by Pizzinni and Crazzolara family for more than half a century. In 19 of June of 1956 Hotel Serena was founded by Oliva Pizzinini and her sister Hilda Pizzinini lead by Oliva. In 1994 Irene Crazzolara alongside Karl Eisenstecken continuted to lead the hotel, while their son Andreas Eisenstecken began to expand the range of services and help to improve the hotel's customer service and satisfaction by providing exceptional service and genuine care to their guests.
    Today, Hotel Serena continues to inspire memorable journeys in the most fascinating destination for the ones who love the Dolomites and the nature.
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    The philosophy
    of our hotel in Alta Badia

    At Hotel Serena we love serving our guests, and customer satisfaction is the key of our success. Our main goal is to provide our guests with a memorable holiday. At hotel Serena we emphasize on the human component of the hospitality.
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    Our logo
    Harmony, relaxation, virgin nature and friendly welcome

    The Serena Hotel radiates the charm of genuine hospitality, seasoned with breath-taking views, original flavours and ancient traditions. All of it is enclosed in our logo, created by a sister of the founder Oliva Pizzinini and evolved over time together with the Hotel. But both then and now the logo perfectly reflects our sunny location immersed in the stunning nature of the Badia Valley. Both then and now it is a symbol of a warm welcome and of a truly relaxing holiday.

    The evolution of our logo

    Our first logo

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    Our logo since 2017

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